Pre-Purchase Sub-Survey Inspections
 An inexpensive, check-list initial walk through to determine if further interest is warranted without committing to a full  survey.
Pre-Sale Inspections and Action Items Listing
 A service inspection to determine the items to be addressed before you list your yacht for sale
Ownership Maintenance Inspections (OMI) 
 A thorough, listed inspection to determine the items that should be put on immediate repair, medium term repair      listing, or long term maintenance items.
Ownership Maintenance Program (OMP)
  A review of the OMI with owner to develop a program for addressing the issues on a time and budget schedule to      suit the owner’s requirements.    
Weekly, Bi Monthly, and Monthly Maintenance Services 
  Once the OMI / OMP is performed, we can assess the recommended service intervals for your yacht to ensure    preparedness for immediate use).
Pre-Trip Check and Stock for Departure
 A stocking service to ensuring that your yacht is OMP up to date, fueled, and stocked with meals, food, and  beverages of your selection prior to your arrival. Services can include dockside cast off and docking assistance from our uniformed staff. 
Haul out services and bottom Jobs
 Coordination, assistance, transit and haul for inspections or service.  We are your one-stop for all haul-out services, from power washing, cleaning, scraping, and sanding, blister and hull integrity inspections and assessment as well as full    prime and paint bottom coatings.
Fiberglass and Epoxy Work
 All aspects of associated removals, design, and rebuilding of fiberglass and epoxy details.
Steel, Stainless, and Aluminum Fabrication
 All aspects of design, engineering, and fabrication for associated marine grade structure in the noted materials.
Plumbing TroubleShooting and Repairs
 From through hulls, ball valves, and raw water systems to water heaters and Reverse Osmosis Systems, we install  and service the  full range.
Engine and Generator Service and Maintenance
 We provide basic service and troubleshooting for gas and diesel engines and generators. If your service needs are  beyond our range of expertise, we can help to provide the appropriate authorized service provider at  discounted rates.